May 04, 2010

The Motivation and the Content that will be

On the day I left college, one of my juniors asked me whether I would update my blog regularly, I was quite weary about the answer back then, but now I know the answer. Yes, I will update it frequently and here is the beginning of that describing the motivation for doing so and what primarily might be found in the updates once I start blogging actively.
The primary motivation is to encourage an open behaviour, I strongly believe that you cannot ask someone to do something you cannot do yourself. So if I want people to be open about their work, I need to do it first, and that said, I have done this mostly through direct communication in the past few years. But now since, it is not possible to directly communicate with everyone, I will want to describe my work on this blog.
Secondly, there happen to be some people who are in an early stage and need some point to start at, and for these people going through small tech write-ups and blogs is a great way to start off, indeed I was in that situation at one point of time. So that is the other reason I will write regularly.

If I start writing about everything I do from day to day, even just the technical stuff, I might very well run into hundreds of pages in less than a week, that is mainly because I don't learn by reading up books and other manuals, rather when I see something new, I try to experiment that on my machine, the next step is checking out the online man pages. Of course, there are things which have to be read from a book or some paper, that is a different case. So the point is that I will not write about everything, I will only update on things which are very exciting, things which are great for beginners to get onto, and things which can lead to good or great work at the LUG@VIT or some other place like that ;).

Though not intentional, I have discovered that most of the times what I speak and write appears greek and latin to many others. So if you feel a blog post should have been written with lesser technical complexity, then please let me know, via email or by commenting on the post. I will make an effort to make it simpler.

And a final note, this post is more to serve as reminder to me whenever I feel lazy or want to withdraw from active blogging, like I might think that I have already promised people(that might not ever happen ;) ) and might be a bad idea to fall back so if you think I am bragging too much about things, just ignore this post.


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