August 21, 2011

Letting it go ...

No system is efficient, there are memory leaks, there are application freezes, and some never work at all, you cannot keep a system up for ever, even the most resilient of servers have to be rebooted once in a while.
It so happens in life too, you need to let it go, to forget all the things that you have seen, heard and been through so far, this is not a foolish blog post with the constant onslaught of 'a' someone's thoughts in the hindsight of the mind. It is rather a realization, once in a while, you need to let it go, discard all the burden that has come as part of the memories that so form the foundation of our (everyone's) existence. The multitude of neurons in the head will take a few days if not weeks to flush the changes through to the deepest reaches of the synapses, but you have to start it somewhere and let it go, start afresh. I feel that need now more than ever, but this of all things in the world is something you cannot verify, still you just have to go with the feeling that your heart asked your mind to let it go and the grey blob paid heed, you will however never know for sure that it did or not until another day when all the melancholy is triggered [again] by that one memory you have tried to let go time and over  !


  1. having a passion, and keeping yourself occupied with it helps to "let it go". I couldnt find anyother way.

  2. yes, agree ... so does having some one to talk to !