June 25, 2010

how about a game of generic chess !

Lets look at how chess works, you have 64 positions on a 8X8 square board. There are 32 pieces, 16 of one group and 16 of another. In each group half the pieces are of the same type, the other half are all distinct. Each piece has a set of rules by which it can take various positions among the remaining p positions, where p = (64,32].
Now let us come up with a class of games which can be called generic chess type games may be. All these games are two player games. The following being the governing rules :
  • There is a nXn square board with n*n positions
  • There are n/2 pieces, n/4 belong to one group and the other n/4 belong to another group
  • Among the n/4 pieces in each group, n/8 pieces all belong to the same group, while the remaining n/8 pieces are all different
  • Each type of piece has a set of rules governing which position it takes up during alternative turns with the players. There are p possible positions constrained by the rules for each piece, where p = (n, n/2]. Or accordingly if it can replace and oust the opposite player's piece from the board, in that case there are n possibilities again constrained by the ousting rules.
  • One piece in each group is the target, once it is ousted from the board, the game is over.
Now, come, lets play a game !

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