April 17, 2012

[Fixed] Blue Tint on Youtube videos (flash problem) on Centos 6.x

I have the adobe flash plugin from the adobe repository with the following version installed on my laptop running Centos  :

flash-plugin.x86_64              @adobe-linux-x86_64

Since the last update, the videos on Youtube have mostly had a blue tint and less often a pale orange shade. After a couple of days of not trying to fix it (thanks to the hectic semester) I guessed this was a problem with flash or something to do with how flash uses the GPU, since those are the only two pieces of proprietary software on my laptop (and thus would be expected to be fixed rather slow for a problem so evident). 
Finally, a little googling around showed this post on the Arch Linux forums : https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=1084648

I just followed whatever was mentioned there, and the flash plugin looks far more stable now. Here are the steps I followed on my Centos 6.x machine : 

1. Created the file /etc/adobe/mms.cfg and added the following contents : 

#Hardware video decoding

2. Added the following line at the beginning of  /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc-common


You will need root permissions for both of the above, an alternative for the second step can be adding the same line to the user specific xinitrc file (~/.xinitrc). I logged out and logged in again after the changes, the blue tint is gone and the flash plugin itself is far more stable than before. As suggested in the thread on the arch linux forums, it might be a good idea to try a free alternative to the adobe flash player plugin if possible.

PS : 
1. I run Centos 6.x on my Dell E6410, which has a NVIDIA NVS 3100M gpu.
2. It is just amazing the thread which showed up was on the arch linux forums, Arch Linux continues to amaze me.


  1. These settings cause Flash to become unstable and crash. Adobe needs to fix the bug they added to the "last Linux version". But they don't care anymore.

  2. I think so too, but it is a temporary fix to avoid the blue shade.

  3. Thanks Satish - this fixed my blue tint problem too (and you were the first return on Goog for "linux youtube blue".)

  4. you are welcome,you can also try disabling "hardware accelaration" which comes up in the settings popup when you right click on the youtube flash screen.

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